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Getting Started with EmPushy & HubSpot

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By Kieran · Feb 15, 2022

HubSpot allows marketers to quickly and easily craft useful and engaging email campaigns to push to their subscribers. In the past, emails were mostly read on desktop computers.. in the office.. during work hours - but with the rise of mobile computing, email has since adapted to be a medium which is constantly flowing and at our fingertips, ready to consume. Scheduling of the email, has therefore, become ever more important. Particularly as the boundaries between work and social life become increasingly blurred. No one wants to receive irrelevant work emails during their down time or marketing offers when they're out of context. But when is the best time to send? (Best for both the subscriber receiving the email and the marketer pushing it!)

Here at EmPushy, we tackle this exact problem. Our Empathetic Intelligence identifies opportune moments to receive information which are optimal for both subscribers receiving the information and the creators pushing the information.

So we decided to make a HubSpot Integration to aid marketing teams using the platform and take the guess work out of scheduling emails and identifying the best times for maximising their KPIs whilst ensuring the best possible user-experience for subscribers.

How To Sync with EmPushy

Want to try it out? Great! Follow the steps below or watch the video above and let us know how you get on.

  • Login to the EmPushy Dashboard (it's free to join)
  • Select Integrations from the menu
  • Click the Connect button on the HubSpot card
  • Select the HubSpot account you would like to sync.
  • EmPushy will then analyse past campaigns to determine optimal scheduling and content for your subscribers. Once this process completes you will receive a notification
  • Select the HubSpot tab on the Integrations page
  • You can browse through the analysis provided by EmPushy to determine how well your email campaigns align with your market and your competitors
  • Select the Automations tab (Integrations->HubSpot->Automations)
  • Depending on your HubSpot account (free or paid) you will have access to features which will aid you in scheduling email campaigns.

Scheduling using a Free HubSpot Account

If you are using a Free HubSpot account, EmPushy will help you identify the best time to send an email. From the Integrations->HubSpot->Automations->Free Tier->Optimal Delivery page

  • Populate the form with the text content of your desired email and hit the calculate button
  • The optimal schedule time for delivery of your email will appear
  • Go back to your HubSpot account and create the email
  • Update the schedule delivery option with the time recommended by EmPushy

Scheduling using a Paid HubSpot Account

If you are using a Marketing HubSpot account, EmPushy can list your email drafts and automatically set the recommended best scheduled delivery time. From the Integrations->HubSpot->Automations->Marketing Tier->A/B Test page

  • First create the email you wish to send in HubSpot and save it as a draft
  • The draft email will appear in EmPushy. Select it and a menu will appear which allows you to select the contact lists you wish to send the email to
  • This is an A/B test so you can select your best guess for delivery time and a second contact list to compare the results
  • Hit the Create Test button
  • Go back to your HubSpot account and you will see two identical emails have been created. One named (VarA) and one named (VarB). Each has been updated with a delivery time. VarB is the optimal delivery time selected by EmPushy. VarA is the delivery time you have selected for comparison.
  • Finally, simply deploy both emails


If you like this feature or have any questions regarding feedback or improvements, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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