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Store Engagement & Sales

Increase Store engagement 🛒 Push promotions & offers intelligently 🏷️
Listen to market trends 🔥 Automate your marketing tasks ✅


How it works

Quickly sync (one-click!) your Store with EmPushy for instant engagement campaign recommendations ⚡ based on your market segment and unique customer audience 💁 Use the dashboard to send clear Call-To-Actions at the right moment to maximize store engagement & achieve your goals:
promotions 🛒 customer reviews ⭐ stock clearance 📢

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Store Engagement Assistant

Increase customer engagement with your Store to maximize sales. Stay relevant with trending promotional campaigns that can convert visitors to customers.

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Explore the solutions

EmPushy has a range of tools that can help you quickly craft promotions & marketing campaigns that will increase Store engagement and Store sales.


Live Feed

Study live promotional campaigns from competitor apps, brands and markets.


Trending Phrases

Explore keywords and phrases that are trending and making sales.


Contextual Emojis

Brighten your campaigns with emojis that speak to your audience.

CTA Inference

Create clear & friendly call-to-actions tailored to maximize Store purchases.

Optimal Scheduling

Campaigns delivered at the right moment for your Store Customers.


Empathatic Evaluation

Campaigns with empathy keep customers coming back for more.

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