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Meaningful connections with customers

Maximize customer engagement 📈 Leverage trending campaigns 🔥 Create empathetic, goal-directed messaging 💛 Save time with Automation ⏰


How it works

EmPushy adapts to suit your marketing needs. Our social listening tool captures campaigns pushed at customers all over the world 🌎 Extracted insights help you level-up your marketing messages and push at the right time ✔️ Alternatively, you can upload or sync your own campaigns for analysis enabling EmPushy to make recommendations for maximizing your engagement 📈

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Powerful Campaign Aid

Save time creating campaigns without sacrificing quality. Optimize delivery & content based on thousands of segment specific campaigns.

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Explore the solutions

EmPushy has a range of tools that can help you quickly craft campaigns that win, giving you time to concentrate on the thing that matters most - the customer.


Live Feed

Study live campaigns from different apps, brands and markets.


Trending Phrases

Explore keywords and phrases that are trending and stay relevant.


Contextual Emojis

Brighten your campaigns with emojis that speak to your audience.

CTA Inference

Create clear & friendly call-to-actions tailored to your audience & goal.

Optimal Scheduling

Campaigns delivered at the right moment, maximum engagement.


Empathatic Evaluation

Campaigns with empathy keep subscribers around for longer.

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